Time is a fatal disease”

— AR Spencer

Anthony Spencer

TIME IS A FATAL DISEASE! - Anthony Spencer 

Sincere Blessing to introduce the long-awaited Ambassador of Life's Music and Man's Conscious Awakening. 

Anthony Spencer embodies life, love, sophistication, elevated consciousness, purposeful self-reflection, and adult-contemporary rock music. The evolution of Anthony Spencer began around the age of nine. During which time, his father introduced him to 'The King – Elvis Presley'. 

Some say musical gifts are hereditary. That may be true, as Anthony's father, vital and intricate part (drummer) of the Italian Rock Band 'Johnny & The Rockets', was masterfully versed upon a multitude of instruments. 

Unfortunately, Anthony's father died August 16th, 1977. Yes, his father died the same day as 'The King – Elvis Presley.' His mother, pushing through well-warranted tears, stated "We've lost two (2) Kings this day". 

After the death of his father, Anthony Spencer immersed himself, heart, spirit, and uniquely-gifted soul, deep within the familiar and comforting embrace of his most closest as well as dearest friend, music.

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